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Re: The whole Syria thing

I’m hearing opposing accounts from Syrian expats living here. Granted, most Syrian expats, being dissident refugees from the Assad regime, tend to support the official international position that Assad is evil, he’s killing his own people, and he should be removed from power by God’s blessing and the strong hand of the resolute president Trump who’s now acting like a true Dear Leader.

However, one Syrian analyst argued the chemical attack was a false-flag, staged by the extremist “rebels” (there are indications that Assad had given up all his WMDs years ago, and that the WMDs used in this attack had a different signature from the ones Assad used to have). The idea was to get the US involved in the war and tip the scales away from Assad, who’s been winning since the Russians got involved. That makes a lot of sense, frankly. After all, Assad has no interest to antagonize the whole world by using WMDs now, when he has almost won. In the past, maybe. Things were looking rather grim for him a few years ago, and he could’ve had a rationale for using WMDs back then. But now?

Besides, where’s the proof that he had WMDs in that particular air base? Are we again jumping into a conflict based on an insinuation, like in Iraq? The media are cumming all over president Trump now, praising him for being presidential and even describing the bombing of that air base as “beautiful” and “poetic”. Are we going to play this game again now? And how many times can the same mistake be repeated?

You’ve got to give him that…

…When Trump is confronted with a possible conspiracy that presumably worked in his favour, he instantaneously counters with a conspiracy theory of his own. It’s like a knee-jerk reflex at this point.

Trump Claims, With No Evidence, That ‘Millions of People’ Voted Illegally

And since we’re in the era of post-truth (whatever that’s supposed to mean anyway), a lie told a hundred maybe two times, becomes truth. Right?

Well, here’s the thing though. The electoral college, as weird and outdated as it may be, and as distorting the democratic process as it is, is what it is. And unless you’d like to fundamentally scrap it and replace it with something else, it is there to stay. It’ll certainly create more future situations where one candidate loses the popular vote (by nearly a million) but ends up a “landslide” winner. Challenging that makes the loser look like, well, a sore loser.

Frankly, I don’t get the whole effort. It shows that the losing candidate is either desperate, or (and) doesn’t grasp the whole picture of why she actually lost. It’s not about a few tens of thousands of votes. It goes much deeper than that. We’ve talked about this already here. Unless the political elites do some thorough soul-searching and come out with a thoughtful analysis of the causes for this outcome, and the a plan, they’ll keep snatching defeats from the jaws of presumed victory in the future as well.

As for the recount, it may or may not produce something viable (most likely not, but it’s worth a shot, from Hillary’s perspective – even though the recount has been conveniently triggered by a third party). The thing is, the Obama-Trump transition process has already begun. Face it already, folks. There’s no way back from this. Trump is the president. Everyone has to deal with it.

Granted, there’s a difference between contending an election after the fact based on how close it was, and declaring it fraudulent outright without any evidence. While Hillary’s actions (or those of her surrogates, more precisely) may not be exactly of the highest moral integrity imaginable (and don’t quite match her preliminary calls for her opponent to respect the election result no matter what), they’re hardly comparable to the new lows that Trump’s actions are plunging to. Come on dude, you’re the president. You’ve got what you wanted. Time to grow up already.